You have recorded an inspiring, educational or informative video on zoom,
but you need it to look a little more professional?

Option 1

We can either take your footage that you have recorded from Google hangouts, Zoom, Microsoft teams etc. and do the following:

  1. Clean up the audio
  2. Remove unwanted parts or unwanted um’s and err’s
  3. Add moving or static templates around your footage
  4. Overlay video images or text relevant to the narrative of the video
  5. Colour correct and colour grade the footage to suit your brand

To begin with all you need to do is send us the footage, we can have a chat about what you are looking to achieve and work out the best method that is most suitable to your needs and how much it would cost.

Option 2

We help plan, script, record and edit a video of someone (or multiple people) in your team, from the comfort of their own home.

Meaning we can:

  1. Record the screen from multiple angles
  2. Design a set that is on brand with your company
  3. Add additional animations and templates around the screen

Take it one step further and bring in a new audience and potential new customers

Develop a YouTube Channel with Key Search Terms


Create a Marketing Campaign for an Online Event

Promote a Video With an Ads Campaign


Download some free Animated Templates to get started

Free zoom templates

Or get in touch and we can make a start with a custom project