Video Marketing

Video marketing is becoming more and more popular, with people reading less and watching more. This means video is a great tool but also means there’s more competition. Therefore, you need to be able to optimise your creative video’s to make sure they are seen by your customers.

Video Platform Optimisation

Over 300 hours of video content is uploaded to Youtube every minuteSo how do you stand out from the crowd?

4 steps to optimisation on Youtube and Google.



Knowing your customer and provide the right content

Video Production Number Two



Working with Google and Youtube algorithms so they understand your content

Video Production Number Three



Embellish your video with annotations and relevant call to actions.

Video Production Number Four



Embed and promote your video using social media, blogs and encouraging people to share

Social Media Marketing

There are 2.3 million active social media users, so making the most of social media marketing can be key to your business:

Campaign/ Building A Crowd

There are lots of external platforms out there to help promote and find new customers that will truly engage with you. We can help you to use the right ones that will be best for you.

Promoting A Product/ Service

Methods, techniques and support to make your posts look good, get engagement and help you make more sales. Target the right audience with content that they truly want to see.

In depth Professional Advice

If you want a fully fledged plan to beat the algorithms and take your business to the next level with social media, we partner with external partner’s to help you do just that.

Additional Exposure

Feature on an influencer page

A great way to quickly build up a crowd, get more engagement or sell a product is to get help from an influencer who already has a big following.

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Artist produced soundtrack to boost exposure

Another feature we offer is the opportunity to get an artist produced track. You not only get a brilliant bespoke track but it also enables you to be exposed to bigger artist networks.

External partners

Our Creative Video Agency partner with campaign strategist, social media strategists and video marketing companies if you would like a greater level of support towards getting noticed.

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