Video Production



During this phase we:
  • Determine your aims and objectives
  • Research you and your customer’s to start to build up some initial ideas
  • Create a well thought out strategy, for free
  • Provide a proposal with options for you to select


During this phase we:
  • Gain a high level understanding of what it is you do
  • Gather more research on your customer’s
  • Utilise user experience (UX) to pin point your customers habits
  • Storyboard, find the relevant talent, locations and equipment


During this phase we:
  • Source the best music to meet your style
  • Begin the filming on location or in our studio
  • Create the well thought out and engaging first edit
  • Create any necessary alterations ready to roll out


During this phase we:
  • Can offer support for social media strategy
  • Offer support for what else can help achieve your aims & objectives
  • Advice on how to make the most of the content
  • Build on a strategy to keep things moving forward

Technical concerns

  • Will the video company understand all the technical elements of what we do?
  • Will we have to take lots of time out to help explain what we do?
  • Our product or service is sensitive or confidential


Brand concerns

  • Will our brand be represented in the correct way
  • Will the video give out the right message.
  • I don’t know if video will work for my product or service
  • I don’t feel confident to represent the company on camera


Cost concerns

  • Will the video attract the right audience?
  • Getting the resources, locations etc. to complete the project on time and in budget.
  • Will a video really make us look better than our nearest competition?


Technical Concern Resolutions

Technical Creator

Our team is built up of Product Design Engineer’s and User Experience experts. This means we can understand your product or service with great precision.
We also work out and understand your target market and what their fears or concerns might be. To give you the best possible chance for them to follow up on your call to action.

Brand Concern Resolutions

Brand Creator

We have a series of strategies that identify what suits your needs to achieve your goals and go above and beyond the competition in your field.
We also make you feel at ease with acting support and auto-cues for the easiest and best experience, so you give the best possible you on camera.

Cost Concern Resolutions

Cost Creator

As engineer’s time management and planning is an essential part of what we do and we understand that’s important for you too.
Our experience, skill, knowledge base and networks will ensure that what we produce is going to drive engagement, excite and help achieve your company goals.