We produce the video, you produce the ads. Or we can bring in our ad specialist company to create and manage the ads.

Video Ads campaign

As a video marketing company we understand videos work in different ways when converting a customer from an awareness advert through to a decision advert and even a repeat purchase ad.

Creating video ads for marketing is not always about being polished, its about understanding how to reach the emotions and how you solve the problems of an individual.

Being too generic with your video ad, won’t resonate.

So, we create our Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn ads so they are targeted.

Video marketing strategy

A video marketing strategy works best when the whole process is well thought out.

So, we work with you to understand:

  1. Your marketing and sales funnel
  2. What call primary and secondary call to actions we can use
  3. Any other downloadable, eBook, workbook, tool that can be used along with the video ad to entice people
  4. What landing pages you have and if others need developing
  5. How you plan to follow up with an individual to increase conversions

Video ad rules

Its vital to get your ad approved quickly, so we keep up to date with video ad rules to makes sure the videos we produce follow the rules and start working for you straight away.

Get in touch for anymore information on how a video ads campaign would work.