We support Universities to quickly deliver on brand messaging, with maximised value, delivered across multiple platforms.

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Enterprise Marketing Teams

  • Promote Knowledge Transfer Partnership’s with a video strategy
  • Videos to raise awareness about business support
  • Promote your training and professional development
  • Showcase research and development
  • Celebrate student/ alumni video

Recruitment/ Department manager

Showcase why your University is the best for Prospective students.

  • Recruit masters and PhD students
  • A video to highlight the benefits of a course or department
  • Increase the brand and positioning of a course and why your best suited to support a students needs.
  • Showcase the diversity and inclusion

Marketing/ Alumni team

Consistency increase global QS league table position

  • Showcase achievements video
  • New building
  • Alumni achievements/ what are they up to now
  • Student success
  • Academic success

we know the best ways to plan a project to deliver it on time and at high quality, in keeping with brand and the rest of the campaign.

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Academics/ Lecturers

Academics Project support

  • Showcase your project, for additional funding or to gain worldwide exposure

Lecturing support: 

  • Increase student, participation, engagement and teaching experience

“I’m constantly dealing with lots of projects so being able to actually bring someone in who absolutely got the brief in a short space of time and then just run with things makes life so much easier”.

Anna Leather, Research and Enterprise Marketing Manager, Loughborough University

Online Video

  • Support showcase and market online events
  • Inform students and staff about online activities

Story Lead content

  • Boost worldwide exposure
  • Deliver inspiring, value driven stories that speak to all backgrounds

Social Media Content

  • Quick turn around social content to enhance your campaign
  • Maximise the value of the content you already have

Digital Explainer video

  • Keep staff and students up to date with expert explainer videos.
  • Showcase new or updated digital services

Video Tours

  • Showcase new/ upgraded spaces
  • University and the surrounding area hot spots and things you didn’t know

Students & staff comms

  • Support with mental health
  • Make sure everyone is aware of updates

Our latest University support eBook

6 steps for Enterprise teams to drive awareness of Knowledge Transfer Partnership to businesses in the Universities specialist sectors.

Our director Alex, has been part of the University environment for 10 years.

  • Studying a masters in Engineering
  • Sitting on a University board,
  • Sitting on Santander University panels,
  • Part of University investment panel for business
  • Part of the enterprise system,
  • Supporting academics and professors with video related courses and marketing activity
  • Supporting with MBA projects,
  • Making connections with Alumni,

We therefore understand the university landscape, which enables us to quickly understand your needs and deliver more creative concepts.

We also understand the importance of how video fits into a larger marketing plan, to align the brand and the overall campaign.

Unsure on video style?

Download or share this idea book of video examples and styles with your team.