Project Description

Video Objectives

To introduce the MSc Sports Engineering course worldwide. The audience was engineering graduates, final year or recent graduates, both nationally and internationally. We wanted to show them that Loughborough University can provide them with opportunities that others cannot.

Including connections to business, support in starting your own venture, exciting innovative research and the highest level of equipment and staff.

We want the potential candidates to go to the landing page to find out more information and ultimately apply to the course.


Full 2-3 minute promotional video

Shorter social media version

Project Expertise

  • Script and storyboard creation
  • Full project production management gantt chart
  • 4k Dual camera setup
  • Artist produced soundtrack
  • Cinematic production software
  • Cinematic colour grading
  • Access to 1.5 M stock video database

Sporting Engineering MSc | Promo Video | Loughborough University