Project Description


Purpose: To inform all stakeholders of the new MD and what she stands for
Distribution: Social media

Challenges we overcame:

  • Making it interesting for ALL stakeholders, who have different priorities and interests
  • Coming up with a concept that would engage them all
  • Not knowing much about her before we started filming

What we did

  1. Came up with 4 category that each stakeholders would have an interest in at least one of
  2. This would keep viewers more engaged throughout and increase view time
  3. The colours used all link back to the core colours and values of the EMAHSN to help with brand recognition

Behind the scenes


“On many previous projects before working with Tale production – most projects where quite labour intensive and previous companies struggled to use their own initiative”.

“My concerns where finding someone who was value for money and understood what we were trying to achieve”.

“We have worked with Tale production on several projects and they get the importance of brand continuity and always use their initiative on every project”.

East Midlands Academic Health Science Network | MD Introduction video | Campaign

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