Increase engagement of students, graduates, businesses or academics with a personalised video email campaign.

– Average of 90% open rates
– Vastly increases personal relationships
– Cost-effective and time efficient
– See all results with ease

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“98% of marketers agree that personalised video enhances relationships with the audience”.

4 Simple Steps

All that is required from you as the enterprise manager or marketer is the following 4 simple steps.

1. Establishing a call to action


This might be something you have already created or something new that we come up with together.

C2A examples include: landing page, downloadable resource, an explainer video.

2. Exporting your required email list

We will ask you to securely provide your email contact list. This is so we can see how many video variants are required, as same first names only need to be recorded once.

3. Recording the videos

We will help you put a script together for yourself or a team member (or split it between you) to record. This takes about an hour to complete:

A 30-40 second generic script once
And x amount of 2-4 second intro’s for each individual name.

4. Upload them to our cloud


We will provide you a secure link to upload all the videos to our cloud storage.

We will guide you through this and all the previous steps.

We Will Take Care of the Rest

We have designed this offer to work with any higher education enterprise team.
We understand which stakeholders need to be involved and the most important things to consider.

1. We will edit each video together

We will stitch together every personalised introduction clip with the generic section clip, adding a smooth transition in between.

2. Create a custom on-brand landing page

We will design a custom on-brand landing page with some intro text and a call-to-action button that links out to your desired place.

3. Send the personalised video email

We will send each custom email to all the contacts. This will come from your university domain and an email of your choice.

4. Guide you through tracking and replying

Once individuals start to receive the emails, we will guide you through how to use the dashboard to view, monitor, reply and see results.

“Improve REF impact, attract the best individuals and facilitate world-class real world impact”.

Benefits and Results

– Average of 90% email open rate and 90% link clicks

– Extremely cost and time-efficient for you and your team.

– Breaks down the third wall so they can get to know you and your team.

– Short and long term success as multiple future campaigns can be created

– Get to communicate with individuals on a simple messaging platform

– Monitor full performance of the campaign, open rate, link clicks, video views, reply rate.


Download the Process and Price Sheet Below

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This Solution Overcomes the Challenges of Each Audience

Students and Graduates

Covid and blended learning has restricted shout outs through societies

Grabbing the attention of Gen Z is difficult

More responsive to social channels than in-person marketing

They don’t always have the confidence to engage with the unknown


Reading a text-based email is too time consuming and not a priority

Prefer to work with people rather than an organisation

Security/ GDPR

We understand the importance of privacy, which is why the email address that is used to send out the videos will be from your organisation’s email domain.

In addition, all names and emails will be used in accordance with GDPR and only used on your behalf to deliver the video emails within your campaigns.

Trusted in the Higher Education Sector

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