No more wasting time guessing.
The video content strategy that delivers.

Customer understanding

Video Creation

Content Distribution

Emotional customer insight | Key feature ranking | Customer journey mapping | 3 stages of content | Retargeting videos | Evergreen content | Advert distribution | Landing page creation | Continual monitoring

Every customer captivated.
From head to heart.

Emotional and rational understanding of the human mind and how it makes decisions.

Heartfelt stories.  Irresistable to click.
Rational content.  To start an action.

Engaging videos that bridge the gap between technical and creative expertise.

Mapping the journey to decision.
Analysing how they got there.

Ensuring the right people see the right video content at the right time.

Software is complex and our engineering background closes the gap between creative and technical.

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“More often than not people just want to do video and go home and Alex is good in the fact that he actually wants to find the story and work it all out. That’s what I like.”

Richard Strange, Director - deeplydigital

“Tale Production were very responsive. The whole process was constructed very quickly and professionally; Alex (director) provided a project brief in advanced to outline the whole process. I was most impressed with how quickly he understood my objectives and what we were trying to achieve through the video.”

Charlie Wheeldon, Head of Student & Graduate Enterprise - Loughborough University

“Tale Production are very thorough in their approach. The knowledge and creativity within our
industry really helped create a video that our audience would relate to.”

Sophie Hainsworth, Co-Founder - LoyalFree

Get behind the scenes of one of the many software projects we have worked on.

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