A Proven Video Approach For KTP’s So You Have More Time To Facilitate Great Innovation

  • Are time constraints making it difficult to build personal relationships with academics and businesses?
  • Do you have pressure from senior staff?
  • Do you want to build consistent KTP leads for the next 3 years without it eating into your time
  • Perhaps businesses don’t identify that a KTP is for them
  • Or maybe academics have the business connetions but don’t effectively communicate the benefits of a KTP

Our proven KTP strategies will help you:

  • Win the KTPs with businesses that the top universities achieve
  • Become the partner of choice for businesses looking to innovate
  • Encourage businesses to get in touch with you directly
  • Show that cutting-edge/ life-saving technology resulted from your KTP
  • Get more consistent leads coming through

Discover DMU’s Journey

We recently supported DMU, along with 20+ other universities we have supported, so we know what it feels like when your struggling to consistently manage and engage with businesses and academics about KTP’s.

We used our HE and KTP expertise to understand all their challenges:

Identifying the greatest need, through an initial consultation with all stakeholders

Providing a easy to follow process so the messaging was consistent across all marketing

Arranged schedules and production plans, without interupting their busy schedule

Provided a distribution plan so they can effectively use the content

Meet with Alex so he can get to know you and define your goals.

2. Generate Ideas

Together we will create a custom proposal that works best for you

3. Results

We will create all the content ensuring efficiency by involving the right stakeholders at the right time

At Tale Production we know you are the kind of person who wants to foster great innovation between the university and businesses.

In order to consistently achieve this, you need an approach that effectively communicates a KTP so businesses approach you or academics directly. The problem is by the time a business you have spoken to is ready, you are not top of mind, which makes you feel frustrated, as you know a KTP could accelerate their growth.
We believe all Knowledge exchange officers are a key step towards great innovation, so you shouldn’t have to be dealing with time-consuming outreach tasks.

We understand your ambition to drive UK innovation and collaboration. That’s why we created our approaches so you can effectively stay top of mind with both businesses and academics, so they start to come directly to you.

Here’s how it works:
1. On a call or in person we will ask you questions to identify your challenges,
2. Together we can create a few ideas based on those needs
3. And once you are happy we will create all the content, involving all the right stakeholders.

Schedule a call, so you can stop feeling overwhelmed by the lengthy outreach process with businesses and academics, for them to only forget or move on. And start harnessing greater innovation and collaboration that has real-world impact.

You still might be thinking?

I won’t know how to effectively use it once it’s completed:


We have guides to support you with distributing the content and will make sure that what we create is most suited to your marketing needs.

We have created videos before but it didn’t work:

We combat the issue of not aligning with the brand, complex messaging, and underutilising the content which typically means the content doesn’t perform as desired.

It’s probably going to be out of our budget anyway:

We have different options for different budgets and also find ways to capture additional content that can be used across future campaigns. So you budget goes further.

Call Us On 0115 6470 415 Or Schedule A Call So We Can Discover The Best Approach For Your KTP Needs

What we know from a businesses perspective

  • They engage more with KTP’s when they can see industry relevant examples.
  • They are not readystraight away so you need to be memorable for when they are ready
  • They don’t see a KTP as a priority in their busniess.
  • They cannot commit the time to provide the numbers
  • Are concerned about the costs.

Things they probably don’t realise about the university and KTP’s

  • Access to world-leading research
  • Access to world-leading facilities and equipment
  • Credibility as a project has been supported by the university
  • Advertising and employment being completed by the university so saves them time
  • Part-funded employment of a skilled graduate
  • They get the IP at the end of the project
  • An opportunity to trial a graduate and see if they could continue to work for the company in the future
  • Innovation that could make them leaders in their industry

Meet with Alex so he can get to know you and define your goals.

2. Generate Ideas

Together we will create a custom proposal that works best for you

3. Results

We will create all the content ensuring efficiency by involving the right stakeholders at the right time

With This Initial Conversation We Will Look to Understand:

  • Your key tasks and activities
  • What your targets are?
  • What other offers do you have
  • Your current onboarding process
  • How do you currently funnel academics and businesses
  • Other forms of marketing/ video you already have
  • Marketing channels you use and others who can help share

“Tale Production had a great understanding of how Universities work and the way we want to deliver our messages and an appreciation of how we want to turn things around quickly”

And If We Believe We Can Support You We Will Talk You Through Some Of Our Approaches:

KTP Overview Video That Can Be Used Across 40+ Different Areas To Increase Awareness

  • Be seen in 40+ different places with a single video
  • Engage more businesses in a timely manner
  • Support lower-level staff to concisely show the benefits to their manager

90% Email Open Rates, Building Personalised Connections Without The Time Commitment

  • Reengage your email list by creating hundreds of personalised videos, in under an hour.
  • Businesses are more likely to engage as its personal
  • Become more memorable to the businesses

Communicate And Educate Academics/ Researchers On The Benefits Of Collaboration

  • Providing real life examples of how academics build collaborations with business
  • Allows you to provide resources that shows them the benefits of real world impact and KTP’s.
  • Saves you time having to continually communicate with academics and researchers.

Industry Focused Lead Generation Funnel To Get More Businesses Interested

  • Show an industry that a KTP can support their industry and their challenges
  • Capture email addresses and provide value to businesses
  • Can be automated to capture leads whilst you concentrate on other activities

Case Study Videos From a Successful KTP

  • Helps show the process and benefits of a KTP to other business leaders
  • Show that the team and university are making great real-world impact contributions
  • Builds awareness of expertise and support on offer

Call Us On 0115 6470 415 Or Book A Call So We Can Discover The Best Approach For Your KTP Needs