Do you need someone who is trusted, has open communication and is responsive?
Someone who you can always turn to and depend upon.

Consider us an extension of your team. With creativity around understanding the brand, the people and the audience, you work with.

This is perfect for:

Company Founders/ Directors

For when you need a reliable pair of hands to quickly understand your complex technology

Marketing Managers

When you need someone who is trusted, open communication, responsive and an extension to your team

Junior Marketers

When you need someone to deliver your vision, and quickly produce content to go along with the rest of your campaign.

Do you ever feel short of time satisfying board members, lack of energy for a marketing campaign and no safe pair of hands to rely on?

Do any of these resonate:

An external company won’t understand the complex needs of the project?

I’m unsure of the best options when commissioning video 

I’m working longer and feeling stressed about things not going to plan

An external company will require more of my time, which I don’t have?

I need someone who can come in and take the planning and scheduling off my plate?

I want to feel relaxed and not worry about work when I come home to my family

With Tale Production as your video production partner, we will be your reliable pair of hands communicating a complex challenge in a creative fashion.

We are committed to driving awareness and growth of innovation and use our engineering, enterprise and innovation background to quickly understand and produce on-brand content that maximises your budget.

Hear from Pete, CEO at Deep Branch

We started with Deep Branch as a team of 5 and continue to support them and be part of their team as they grow to 25+ members of staff.

“Tale Production did a great job of not only the content but the projects management of what was a large project featuring 8 other organisations”.

Here’s what you get when you work or partner with us:

A detailed understanding of investor, stakeholder and customer audiences.

An honest outlook on what will and won’t work for your content strategy or one of video

Support in how to get the most impact from your video content strategy, and how you can link it to other marketing assets

Future proof video that also maximises the impact for your available budget

Live Action




Motion Graphics

Aerial Filming

Brand Assets

An idea of some of the types of innovation videos we can support you with:

Pitch Videos

COP26 Focused

Collaborative Insight Video 

Company Vision

Product Promotion

Crowdfunding Video

Social Ads

Company Values

Story Lead Awareness

Product Photography

Behind The Scenes

Sharing Key Achievements

Innovation companies we have supported:

as of 01/11/2021

The investment we have helped them raise:

as of 01/11/2021

The thing that stood out to me was the holistic approach Tale production took to understand the content of the video and how its going to be applied to get the most value”.

Chris Ruddock, Managing Director –
Incus Performance

“Tale production have supported our team and high-value innovation partners in several key projects including working on the video production presentation for the pre-COP26 event. I have been consistently inspired by Tale’s can-do attitude and incredible ability to execute through a time crunch, all with an infectious positive attitude and a sense of humour”.

Ahmed El-Kadars, Partnerships & Business Development – Deep Branch

Get an idea and insight into our process and creative style by going behind the scenes

Our Process

Start with a discovery call

We both need to know we are the right fit for one another if we are to create a successful relationship

Meet the team

If it seems like we are the right fit, then next steps would be to get to know a bit more about your team, values, short and long-term goals


If we are both committed to going on this journey, we will recommend the best solutions for your current and possibly long-term needs


Provide a proposal for one off projects, or if required a plan to produce a certain amount of content per month.

Do you want to take the next step to discover if we can support your needs?

Schedule a 20-minute discovery call with us