We have worked with some of the top companies creating event video’s to promote, provide information and maximise the amount of people that turn up.

Event Video Successes:

Athena Leicester

Re-branded an events company that went on to achieve an
award for the 2nd best events company in the UK.

We worked with Athena on 11 different video’s to have content to
showcase the variety of events they could deliver, including:
Wedding events, Boxing events, Balls and proms,
Music events, Festivals, Concerts,
Sports Events, Conferences.


We also partner with, RSVIP, the best networking events company in Nottingham.

MarketEd Live

We also work with MarketEd Live each year, filming all the speakers throughout the full day.

Increase Event sales

We understand that event videos are not just for a keep sake. We will work with your to see how we can:

Create content people will like and share to boost awareness organically

Provide informative and interesting content so they see the value of the event

Provide useful video information to decrease drop offs

Event Videography Capability

We have all our equipment in house for event video production, allowing us to setup for a single camera or multiple camera setup.

We have conducted over 300 interviews, and our event videographers understand how to get the most out of people and make them feel comfortable carrying out interviews of fox pop at events.


Event Video


Ultra Ballroom
Event Video

Jake Wood Unknown
Event Video

70 Years of the NHS
Event Video

Event Video


Venture Crawl
Event Video


Gin Festival
Event Video


Miss GB
Event Video


Event Video


Event Video


Event Video


Event Video

Our Event Video Process

Scenario 1
Update Current Footage

Scenario 2
One off Filming and editing of an event

Scenario 3
Video ads to quickly increase sales (editing only)

Scenario 4
Strategy to increase awareness, sales and turn out rate

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