There are lots of different things that we can do when it comes to animating, below are a few ideas for the different animated videos we can produce.

PowerPoint to Video

Explaining Concepts

Animation Cards

Logo Animation


3D Tracking VFX




Animated Video Intro

Tracker and Spot Cloning

spot cloning

Animation For Your Podcast


Sound Keys, Audio Tracking


Animated Video Software

We use a combination of Adobe CC and Red Giant Software for our animated video’s.


Our Animation Process

  1. Analyse your current marketing and how this fits in with everything else
  2. Understand more about the customer and how to empathise with them
  3. Come up with a concept that suits the needs of the project
  4. Develop style frames and mood boards
  5. Asset generation/ illustration
  6. Voice over/ sound effect development
  7. Animation Version 1
  8. Amendments

This can take anywhere from a few days for a:

YouTube channel introduction  |  Animated Images  |  Logo animation  |  Animated Podcast  |  Spot cloning

Through to a week for more complex animation. We will always provide a timeline at the start of each project so you know how long it will take to complete.

Get in touch for anymore information on any type of animation you may need.