Alex Lees Meng


Alex’s journey started with an engineering Masters degree at Loughborough University, followed by a few years of experience with worldwide engineering companies. Alex then turned his knowledge of the industry and combined it with his creative mind to form the company.

Todd Franklin

Freelance Videographer

Todd is a freelance videographer at Tale and has a huge passion for films. You’ll often find him working on our latest exciting project. He has worked on over 20 short films, 2 feature films, numerous music videos and countless corporate video shoots. Todd allows us to create extraordinary videos with a high production value.

Jess Strain

Marketing Lead

Jess is a Loughborough University Alumni and now runs her own business which has received funding from Innovate UK. We work with Jess to optimise our marketing strategy and create engaging content that keeps our clients informed. With over 6 years experience in the creative industries, Jess allows us to think outside the box and deliver the best support for our clients.

Sascha Hewson

Youtube Channel Marketer

Sascha runs our channel my uni-verse, which aims to support school students from under-represented communities. Helping them to learn more about university life.

Video Business Accelerator

We are part of a world class group of videographers allowing us to increase our skillset and bring on other experts when required. Located across the UK, USA and Australia, as well as networks and contacts across other countries as well. Skills sets include live broadcast’s, offshore filming, clear board filming, and a lot more.

“Alex’s attitude is very professional and he makes people who he is interviewing very comfortable because he had eye contact and leading questions. He opened up a lot of people because a lot of people are shy at the beginning”

Ozcan Makinaci, IWS Leader - P&G

“They took initiative; the video Tale Production did for me was product based so they went out, did some location scouting, found some volunteers who were willing to model the product for him, rather than requiring my involvement in that side of things so that was good and helped to build a story as well with real people who would use the product.”

Simon Lyons, Director - Version 22

“We just found it very reliable working with them because we kind of knew we could leave our faith in Alex the Director”.

Sophie Kelly, Director - Snooks

Come and play our real life video game and find out more about us