Avoid 6 of the Most Common Mistakes Higher Education Organisations Make When Hiring a Video Production Company

What your university should know when hiring a video production company to avoid making costly mistakes.

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What you will learn in the free guide:

What you need to look for when researching video production companies

Do you find it tricky navigating endless video production websites selling you the dream?

What questions to ask a video production company to see if they’re the right fit for you

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the technical jargon used in the video production world?

How to stop underestimating the skills and expertise required for your film content

Do you struggle to understand and state what skills and services you require to create professional video content?

Why end-to-end video production is essential

Have you ever been left with a project half completed and no idea how to utilise the assets you’ve been given?

How to save time when working with a video production company

Have you ever tried to save time by outsourcing a project but end up wasting more time liaising with a company that doesn’t understand your organisation?

How to avoid choosing a video production company based on price

Have you ever been swayed by a too-good-to-be-true price tag? It often comes at the cost of either timescale or quality.

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“From the start of this project Tale Production have been friendly, thoughtful and responsive. He has brought the SDG Toolkit to life with his creative ideas, core understanding of the UN SDGs and higher education background.

Tale Production listened to our needs and helped identify key points to highlight creating a brilliant set of marketing materials and unique animated video that exceeded the original brief.”

Ash Mistry,
Social Innovation Officer, University of Leicester

Marek Tokarski,
Senior Enterprise Manager, Durham University

“We worked with Alex Lees, the founder of Tale Productions. Alex was brilliant to work with and was very responsive to changes that were requested.

He was able to not only incorporate our ideas but also bring them to life in ways we couldn’t have thought of.”

About Alex Lees,
Founder of Tale Productions

Alex Lees, the creator of the guide and founder of Tale Production, has experience in supporting higher education through the enterprise system, collaborations with the top universities and engagement in university boards to understand the landscape and objectives of each individual academy.

With this experience, Alex started Tale Production to combine the knowledge he acquired and the relationships he built in higher education to professionally represent each university through video production and showcase the best of their assets.