How to Generate Maximum Value From Your Higher Ed Event

What you should be doing to capture as much value as possible before, during and after your event.


What you will learn in the free playbook:

Why events are one of the most important tactics in digital marketing

Do you struggle to plan for events and end up with a load of cold leads that haven’t converted afterwards?

How to harness the power of video marketing for events

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the world of video marketing? Do you feel like you don’t know where to start?

How to impress senior management and stakeholders

Do you struggle to know how to follow up after events to deliver maximum potential?

What tools to use to work smarter, not harder

Have you considered using project management tools to plan for pre, during and post event marketing?

How to create 62+ touch points from your event through clever video techniques

Have you managed to create 62+ touch points from a single event? Here’s where we show you how to do just that.

How to use a content calendar to plan and maximise assets

Everyone has the best intentions when setting out plans, but we have a schedule that is guaranteed to keep you on track.

Leaders in Higher Ed Events Video Production

We have support from over 15 of the leading universities in the UK.
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James Finney Testimonial, University of Leicester

“I’ve been quite impressed by the rigour of professionalism of both Alex and his colleagues that have worked on the production.

James Finney,
University of Leicester

Darsh Chauhan,
De Montford University

“The aftercare support, constant contact over email, just making people feel comfortable and at ease, knowing which angles to take, it just takes all that burden off you, so I’d recommend working with Tale Production.

About Alex Lees,
Founder of Tale Production

Alex Lees, the creator of the guide and founder of Tale Production, has experience in supporting higher education through the enterprise system, collaborations with the top universities and engagement in university boards to understand the landscape and objectives of each individual academy.

With this experience, Alex started Tale Production to combine the knowledge he acquired and the relationships he built in higher education to professionally represent each university through video production and showcase the best of their assets.