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Transforming Your Event into a Long-Term Value and Conversion Generator

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Ideally, get in touch 2-6 months before your event
To get a custom plan for you to share with your team

Your Event’s are Highly Valuable

|—— Extended the value beyond the day of the event ——|

Extract the value from your event with content to support:

Organic Reach

Nurture Campaigns

Conversion Campaigns

“People convert when they are ready, but only if you are still around”

2 Years of visibility rather than just on event day

“It’s More Than Just Video Production”


Other Video Production Companies

A bespoke video marketing plan

Full project management visibility and objectives focused content creation

Distribution guides to increase reach, build trust and convert the audience


An overview video of the event
15-minute cuts of the presentations


Content That Has Purpose

⬜  2 years of content to stay top of mind
⬜  Informative content to convert event attendees
⬜  Value content to nurture none attendees


Sit on The Shelf Content

Value You Recieve

3-Step Event Video Method


Other Video Production Companies


3-Step Event Video Method


Other Video production Companies

x35 Video Assets
(varies based on choice)

3 Distribution

71+ Touchpoints

Unpaid Reach

The Plan

Information Gathering

Audience, offer, distribution channels & your resources

Bespoke Action Plan:

With 3 options for you to pick with your team

An automated, trackable generator for your Higher Education objectives:

A plan that works alongside your teams current and future objectives

To go through Step 1 and receive a
bespoke proposal for your team to review

Project Management

Comprehensive HE project management

Ensuring on-brand, on time, high quality content that aligns with your objectives

Planning, filming and on-brand editing for your chosen campaigns:

Extended organic reach

+ Converting event attendees

+ Creating value for new leads

Distribution Guides

Distribution Guidance

Tips, examples, tools and new platform suggestions


Take the effort out of posting and follow the timeline.

Includes copywriting, automation and platform suggestions

Getting Started

Ideally, get in touch 2-6 months before your event
To get a custom plan for you to share with your team

Explore Some Event Video Case Studies

Event/ Conference

Boost business collaborations

Fireside/ Presentation

Student and business enterprise activity

Training/ Workshop

For PhD recruitment

Exhibition/ Careers

To increase business interest

Fundraising/ Alumni

To hit fundraising targets

Additional Event Content Services

Increase Sign-up’s Content

Animated Presentations

Live Event Broadcast Production

Interactive Screen Content

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the first step?2024-01-18T14:05:22+00:00

We want to provide you with the best options based on your objectives, so the first step is to arrange a call with Alex. Once complete we will send you bespoke recommendations that you can review with you team and make a decision once ready. You can find a slot that suits your calendar here

Does the 3-Step Event Method work for all types of events?2024-01-18T14:07:31+00:00

We have adapted the 3-Step event method for a variety of applications including; Events, Conferences, Webinars, Workshops, Presentations, Virtual/ Hybrid Events, Fireside chats, Training, Career Exhibitions, Fundraising and Alumni.

But we will let you know during our initial conversation whether or not you would see the full benefit of the 3-Step Event Video Method and can recommend other solutions if it doesn’t quite fit with your objectives.



Can I work with Tale without a Request for Tender (RFT)? 2024-01-18T14:10:23+00:00

We understand that if the package of work exceeds £10,000 then we would require a formal request for tender.  To overcome this, we can split our work into two invoices. One for marketing strategy work and the other for content creation.

What is your turnaround for final edits?2024-01-18T14:11:47+00:00

Our process is systemised to get all content to you as soon as possible. And we will prioritise which content to do first based on your needs.

Typically we will have first drafts of content to review 3-5 days after the event day, so you have some content as soon as a week after the event.

We can also prioritise quicker turnaround, such as having files ready the same day, where it is required. (Available on request)


What other event services do you offer?2024-01-18T14:12:55+00:00

We have a range of other support services for events, including:

Live broadcast, interactive screens, creating event content (such as animated presentations), Pre-event content (such as ways to increase sign-ups).

What is the pricing structure?2024-01-18T14:06:57+00:00

You’ll receive a service equivalent to a marketing agency and video production company whilst just paying for the video production. We understand you have the knowledge to deliver towards your objectives with our guidance, which is why we can offer this service to Higher Education organisations.
Organic campaign only, = £6000
Organic + (Nurture or conversion campaign) = £11,000
Organic, Nurture and conversion is £15,000
Note: We can split our service into two separate invoices for marketing strategy and content creation, so each is below £10,000 so your not required to get to tender.

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