My Work Experience Story

Day 1

Hi, my name is Liberty and I am doing a week of work experience here, at Tale Production. And as part of that I am taking over control of the Social media channels to continue the development of the content pillar. Which apparently is all the content mapped out to help them drive traffic to the website.

So a bit about me

I am currently in year 11, and after just finishing my GCSEs, my teachers suggested that all year 11 students should do some work experience over the summer.

I was a little nervous about finding somewhere to work as I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to do. Lots of my friends were spending the week working at veterinary clinics or in other areas where they knew they had lots of interest in as they were considering doing that sort of thing as a possible future career, however I’m still not sure what sort of job I’d like to do in the future.

How I ended up doing my work experience here:

Well, earlier this year my mum had been to a presentation event on the Loughborough University campus with her work and whilst there she met Megan who is the mentor of Tale Production. They exchanged emails and my mum suggested that I write to Megan as she would know about a lot of different areas on the campus where I could do my work experience. Megan was more than happy to help me find somewhere and she suggested a few start-up companies on the business park at the university. I decided to choose to do my work experience at Tale Production because I thought it looked really interesting and fun. Their website was bold and striking and I was intrigued as to what sort of things the company did. I watched a few of their videos on YouTube and thought they were great and the quality and style were amazing!

I met with Alex, the director of the company, and Megan a few weeks ago and they told me a little bit more about the company and talked about what sort of things I’d be able to do whilst I did my week of work experience with them.

One of the things they suggested was that I should do a daily blog for a week to give those reading it the chance to see what it’s like to work for Alex and be a part of a smaller company and to show what sort of things a video production company does.

Day 1

This morning Alex took me round his office and introduced me to everyone. We went to the café where he gave me my timetable for the week and I asked him more questions about the company and the different things I would be doing whilst I was here.

When we got back to the office I read through some of the information that Alex made when he was first starting the company. It included the aims of the company and the sort of areas he wanted to work in, which were mainly orientated around sports, healthcare, software and technology.

Next, I went on to different social media platforms and looked at other video production companies and how they use social media to gauge a wider audience. I looked at the hashtags the companies used and the frequency in which they posted.

Then I went through one of the UKSPA magazines and read about interesting breakthroughs in the newest technology and wrote down the names of different companies that fit into the four groups that Tale Production work with. Alex explained that by keeping up with ever advancing technology, he can post about it online and share the information with his followers. This will keep his followers up to date with new and upcoming technology and will also make other companies aware of the way in which Tale Production could work with companies in the future.