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Discuss your ideas with Alex so we can get to know you and understand what you want to achieve.

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Together we will create a custom video marketing plan to accomplish your short and long term goals.

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You decide when to begin and we’ll create the desired elements of the plan based on your budget and time.


  • Your time is precious. So with our end-to-end video production, we support you and the university to create unforgettable video that works with your needs to create maximised impact.
  • Student recruitment, research impact and enhancing student experiences
    matter to you and matter to us. Collaboration is key to providing you with a bespoke solution that consistently delivers for your objective.
  • We have researched, adapted and grown to support you in the best and most
    efficient way with our 15 years of combined experience specialising in higher

But Don’t Take Our Word For It, Hear From Other HE Staff

Research Impact

Rajinder’s Objective is to build collaborations with businesses to create innovation and provide real-world impact.


  • The previous video supplier was not an education specialist. Which resulted in not understanding the nuance of HE.
  • Running the Enterprise team, creating new collaborations.
  • Getting buy-in from the wider university board.
  • Didn’t have time to drive awareness of its services to a wider audience.

We support Rajinder and the enterprise team at the University of Leicester to create a strategy of ideas that targets the business audience and allows Rajinder to focus on other activities whilst growing the amount of collaborations with business

“The benefits have been; an agile response, a great understanding of how universities work and an appreciation of how we want to turn things around quickly”

Rajinder, University of Leicester

Widening Participation & Student Experience

As a School and College Liason Officer, Lisa is finding ways to widen participation and build better student experiences.

  • Lisa goal was to open up school and college childrens minds and give them information that they could choose from and discuss with their career advisors
  • She required someone professional who could liaise and manage several case studies featuring alumni from around the world
  • And an organisation that understood the younger audience that the videos were targeting

We support Lisa and the School and Liaision team to produce content that aligns with the requirements set out by The Office for Students and provide methods for maximising the available content from year 8 through to year 13, with virtual and inperson content.

“Tale Production evidently knew how to work with people – they knew what we wanted, and to get the best out of our participants”

Lisa, School and College Liason Officer

National and International Student Recruitment

Steph and the Sports Technology department, have a reputation of being No1 for sports related subjects
and they creating new course to meet the demand

  • Steph’s recent objective was to recruit students locally and international towards a new MSc
  • The messaging needed to speak to the rationale of the differing audience to lead them to wanting to find out more
  • We also used the connections we make with the university internal video teams to repurpose already filmed content, to get a greater diversity across the video

Our knowledge of who needs to be invovled and also of the decisions an international audience make, enable us to create timelv content, that has maximised impact across multiple channels

“Thank you for all the help, advice and support Tale Productions gave us. Without this, we wouldn’t have completed the project on time”

Steph, Sports Technology Department

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